Jack MacKay Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame

Celebrating his 101st birthday last month, Jack W. MacKay continues the lifelong enthusiasm and dedication to the profession that drives him to remain a practicing engineer. From his inventions to his leadership to his instruction, he is definitely a pioneer of cast iron and steel pipe, and the field would not be where it is today without his efforts.

A native of Asheville, N.C., MacKay earned two bachelor’s degrees from The University of Alabama’s College of Engineering: aerospace engineering in 1935 and civil engineering in 1936. In 1936, he accepted a position with American Cast Iron Pipe Co. in Birmingham, Ala., where he had a rewarding career of 39 years.

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Clean Air: Boise Cascade Scrubs Out Emissions

American Paper Staff Report

When it comes to air quality control, bleached paper producers in Maine face the potential of a double whammy. Not only does the federal Clean Air Act mandate the use of maximum achievable control technology (MACT) but the state of the Maine has some of the toughest air quality standards in the nation. Maine allows each paper mill air emissions of only 3 lbs/hr of chlorine and chlorine dioxide


To design a MACT air scrubber system for its bleached paper mill at Rumford, Maine, Boise Cascade Corp. called on Caldwell-MacKay Co.Inc., Birmingham, Alabama.

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Pollution Fighters are Cleaning Up

Birmingham News

“I don’t consider myself an environmentalist. I’m not a member of the Sierra Clob or Greenpeace,” says Rick MacKay, a partner and designer of air-pollution control systems at Caldwell-MacKay Co. Inc.

Environmentalist or not, MacKay knows he and partner Dan Caldwell are making a difference in people’s lives and the environment. MacKay’s ethic was shaped by something he once heard in a speech.

“I went to an environmental seminar once and the speaker said, ‘Raise a child correctly. Plant a hardwood tree. And Leave the world a better place.’ I’ve done all that, and if that makes me an environmentalist, then I guess I am.”

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New Scrubbers Help Boise Cascade Exceed Clean Air Regulations

Facing stiffer environmental regulations in a competitive marketplace, much of the success of today’s paper mill rests in maintaining efficiency of its operations. For Boise Cascade Corporation, a multiple scrubber system is helping to maintain high efficiency of its bleach plant in Rumford, Maine.

The engineering design firm Caldwell-MacKay Company, Inc., Birmingham, Alabama, specified the design of the scrubber system, which combines four identical scrubbers – a series of two in a line – each measuring 8’ by 56’-6”.

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Dual-Laminate Scrubber Design Provides High-Efficiency Service

Derakane News

American paper mills are entering the decade of the ’90s facing stiffer environmental regulations and a highly competitive marketplace.

The challenge, then, for many mills is how to meet federal, state and local standard and be a good industrial neighbor to the surrounding community, while maintaining a cost-efficient operation. To help a large paper company meet this challenge, Cladwell-MacKay Company, Inc. designed a high-efficiency, two-tower scrubber system.

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